Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ching San Yen – Her Feng Shui & the City of Kuching

Ching San Yen, Muara Tebas

About two centuries ago, Ching San Yen area was already a prosperous port for Kuching. It served as one of the two major ports of entry to Kuching or Sarawak at large at that time (the other one is the Santubong river mouth), for vessels from the South China Sea.

The Brooke Administration at that time also had custom offices or the like established for purposes of taxation & other clearance.

The temple was already established at that time for the Chinese immigrants. It also served as a first stop for the newly arriving Chinese immigrants to pay respect and to thank for the long safe journey, before moving on to the hinterland or other parts of Sarawak.

Many adherents believe that Ching San Yen was built on a good Feng Shui; the prosperity of Kuching is associated with that since then.

Accordingly, Ching San Yen is seated on a Golden Turtle in the North (the Muara Tebas hill), and facing a flowing river in front on the South. The location might have been chosen carefully by a Feng Shui master as believed, and thus continues to bring prosperity to the City of Kuching nearby!

Today, the Sarawak River mouth at Ching San Yen is the only river entry for vessels to Kuching after the completion of the Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme in 1997, which includes a causeway across the Santubong passage. In the past, heavy floods caused economic and social problems, devastated parts of residential and business areas such as the 1963 and 1982 major incidents. The SSRS is believed to minimize floods and has brought significant socioeconomic impact on Kuching.

Will those man-made changes affect good Feng Shui or chi around the areas? The prosperity of Kuching will of course largely depend on its people initiatives besides good Feng Shui!

Ching San Yen & the South China Sea.

Part of the Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme.

An Express Boat Entering The Sarawak River

Places of Worship & Devotion In Sarawak

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