Friday, August 3, 2007

Hock Teck Tsyr, Limbang

Hock Teck Tsyr, Limbang

The Chinese started settlement in Limbang area more than a century ago. Around the year 1887, the pioneer Chinese migrated from Kuching (now the Capital of Sarawak); it was said that one of the senior immigrants started the construction of a small hut, said to be on a nearby small hill, for the Hock Teck Tsyr, or Tua Pek Kong Temple. The Temple had provided them a means of spiritual support as well as encouragement especially during the earlier years of challenging & harsh environment.

This early simple temple was maintained by a small group of devotees until around 1890.

The 1st relocation of a better premise was initiated by a businessman, said to be from Singapore who came to Limbang around that year.

The present premise is of the 2nd relocation as the earlier land was gazetted for Government purposes in 1964. The completion of the current Hock Teck Tsyr was August 1978.

Like most places of worship in Sarawak, the temple here, or Hock Teck Tsyr and its affiliated associations have provided an essential religious center for the devotees, the required spiritual supports, contributions to the local welfare, education; as well as strengthening cultural interactions & practices of the local Chinese community.

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