Saturday, October 6, 2007


The sacred places of worship & devotion here concentrate on religious places mostly of the Taoist & Buddhist origin; particularly of the local Chinese traditions. Some other interesting & holy places of worship of other faiths may also be included.

More than two hundreds years ago, there was an influx of Chinese immigrants, seeking a better living environment, headed out to various parts of the world, including the South East Asia region, where many of them were from Southern China. They brought with them from their home land the culture, traditions and skills to the new settlement; and one of the first things they did when they settled down on the new land was to build a place of worship to thank for the long safe journey, and subsequently to continue the kind of devotion from home, and to provide spiritual supports and protection in the new challenging environment.

The history of Chinese in Sarawak & in many parts of the world can be observed from the histories of these places of worship & devotion, though many of them are now followers of orthodox Buddhism or of other religions such as Christianity.

Local publications on religion do not provide statistics on these places of worship & devotion, whether adherents described themselves as followers of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, or a mix among these.

This web site & related links hope to provide more information on these historic places in Sarawak, and also serve to remind the cultural heritage of our time; as well as providing meaningful reflections to the younger local Chinese generations.

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