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Tua Pek Kong, Mukah

From Tua Pek Kong, Mukah

Extracts from the 120 Years Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Magazine of The Tai Shan Ting Tua Pek Kong Temple, Mukah...

"A Brief History of Mukah Chinese Temple

Our Mukah Chinese Temple started with a very humble beginning in the year 1879; 120 years ago. The temple was then just a simple wooden building. In those early days, the committee members of the temple also had to care for the welfare of the whole Chinese community in the district.

From Tua Pek Kong, Mukah

About 40 years later, in the year 1918, the First World War ended. The economy was gradually recovering. All those who were involved in the sago business were doing very well. Thus, a donation campaign was launched to thank Tua Pek Kong for peace, and prosperity. The committee was also hoping to raise fund to carry out more social and welfare activities.

Thus, with part of the fund collected, the first Chinese primary school in Mukah was established – SRB Chong Boon was built in 1920. Mean time, to show his gratitude, a successful local businessman, the father of the late Mr. Tan Chit Goon kindly donated his shop lot at the present No.15 Main Bazaar, Mukah to the Mukah Chinese Temple.

Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the Japanese and Allied forces bombarded and destroyed the whole Mukah town. Miraculously, the Chinese temple was spared untouched.

From Tua Pek Kong, Mukah

In 1949, the Chinese Temple shop house at No.15 was rebuilt by the tenant. The fund collected from the rental of the shop house and donations from the Chinese community was sufficient to support the activities of the temple. The temple fund was also used to maintain the Chinese cemetery, and to help the needy old folks.

In 1950, the Temple Management Board was headed by the late Captain Tan Kee Liong. There were only 4 committee members then.

Since 1976, the Temple Management Board renamed officially as ‘The Mukah Chinese Benevolent Trust Board’.

Ten years after that, the local Chinese community decided to reconstruct the Chinese temple. Thus a fund raising campaign headed by Penghulu Yong Chin sin was launched.

The committee managed to collect RM100,000 from the generous public. The government kindly contributed RM90,000. The reconstruction project started. The new temple was to be erected beside the old site, at the bank of Mukah River. The work was completed a year later.

Since 1987, a separate management board was formed to manage the activities of the Chinese temple. It is no more under the Mukah Chinese Benevolent Trust Board. An election for the Board Members is held once every 3 years.

From Tua Pek Kong, Mukah

Our Chinese temple is open to all believers and worshippers. It is not restricted to the local members only. All worshippers and believers can come to the temple at anytime to pay respect to Tua Pek Kong."

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