Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thai Pak Kung, Bintangor (民丹莪大伯公庙)

Thai Pak Kung Bintangor was initiated in 1982.
In earlier years, devotees in Bintangor had to travel to Sibu Tua Pek Kong to pay respect usually in express boat; The to and fro journey usually took a day.

From Thai Pak Kung

In the 80’s and earlier, land journey between Sibu and Bintangor was very inconvenient before the completion of the Durin Bridge and later the Upper Lanang Bridge across the Rejang River; coupled with the notorious Trans Borneo Highway, express boat transport was by default preferred.

Thus, Thai Pak Kung was built. The land was approved earlier in 1978 by the authority, construction works started in 1982 and the temple committee was formed in 1985.

Photo Of Earlier Committee

Tua Pek Kong - A Study By Ngu See-Hing

Extracts from 成大宗教與文化學報 第十三期, 2009 年12 月 頁97-138...

Investigation into the Belief of Fu De Zheng Shen ( Earth God ) in Malaysia — Especially on Da Bo Gong temple ( Earth God Temple ) in Sarawak


As the largest state of Malaysia, Sarawak located at the northern part of Borneo Island.

The belief of Fu De Zheng Shen 福德正神 ( Earth God 土地 神 ) plays an extremely important role among Chinese society of the state mentioned. As the statistics shown, there is over 70 temples mainly consecrate Fu De Zheng Shen and still some uncountable temples proceed with the this Chinese belief.

The Belief and the temples not only able to trace back a hundred years long lasting histories, but also suffuse all over the country.

This essay is going to discuss about the built up of the Da Bo Gong temple 大伯公 廟, which included the relationship of ship based migration, the origin and argument of the deity, combination of TANG 唐 ( Chinese ) and FAN 番 ( Non-Chinese ) Earth God belief, and the special date of the Da Bo Gong festival and ceremony, to understand the circumstances Da Bo Gong belief in Sarawak Chinese cultural and also find out the disparity among different society point of view on the belief.

The Study (in Chinese)...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Poh Lin Shan (保灵山), Serikin, Bau – The Floating Buddha

The host deity, the Golden Buddha was first found drifting along the Lundu river by a group of Iban boys in 2012.
From Poh Lin Shan, Serikin, Bau – The Floating Buddha
It is now hosted in Poh Lin Shan 保灵山 at the road junction to Serikin in Bau, in a natural limestone cave by devotees. One of the local devotees, Tan, earlier on was already planning for a place of worship in the area; coincidentally, this mysterious Golden Buddha Statue was found, the rest is history. It was said to be floating a thousand miles in the sea, at sitting position, before reaching Lundu. Could this be due to the mega tsunami in 2012?
From Poh Lin Shan, Serikin, Bau – The Floating Buddha
There are many mysterious stories or sayings on this floating Buddha and the limestone cave; one of those is about the mystical sangha shadow glimmering on a limestone wall in the cave, it is believed that the invisible image will only appear to those with faith.
From Poh Lin Shan, Serikin, Bau – The Floating Buddha
Undoubtedly, Poh Lin Shan has added another attraction in Bau recently to both the religious devotees and the tourists, and hopefully continued to bring prosperity to this Golden (gold mining) Town of Borneo.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pa Shian Kung, Miri - Main Chamber

There are not many temples hosted with 'Pa Shian' in Sarawak.
Main Chamber of Pa Shian Kung, Miri.