Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thai Pak Kung, Bintangor (民丹莪大伯公庙)

Thai Pak Kung Bintangor was initiated in 1982.
In earlier years, devotees in Bintangor had to travel to Sibu Tua Pek Kong to pay respect usually in express boat; The to and fro journey usually took a day.

From Thai Pak Kung

In the 80’s and earlier, land journey between Sibu and Bintangor was very inconvenient before the completion of the Durin Bridge and later the Upper Lanang Bridge across the Rejang River; coupled with the notorious Trans Borneo Highway, express boat transport was by default preferred.

Thus, Thai Pak Kung was built. The land was approved earlier in 1978 by the authority, construction works started in 1982 and the temple committee was formed in 1985.

Photo Of Earlier Committee

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