Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tua Pek Kong - When is thy birthday?

There are many Tua Pek Kong temples in Sarawak; the most famous one is Tua Pek Kong Temple in Kuching. The Tua Pek Kong temple in Limbang is called Hock Teck Tsyr, and in Serian it is called Tai Pak Kung.

The generic name Tua Pek Kong temple here refers to temples with Lord Tua Pek Kong as the Host Deity.

Many Tua Pek Kong temples in Sarawak were found at least fifty years ago. Many dialects differences, geographical barrier, communication hindrance and the like in the past, had given rise to the different names of the temples, with the same host deity.

There is no surprise that Lord Tua Pek Kong also has 'many' birthdays, with more or less the same reasons.

Eng Ann Teng, Sibu.

The Eng Ann Teng in Sibu celebrates the birthday on 29th day of 3rd month of the lunar calendar. Others state differently, such as a notice of a Shrine near Tian Hou Temple in Carpenter Street, Kuching, indicates 1st day of 2nd month as the birthday.

Carpenter Street, Kuching.

As such, the committee of Eng Ang Teng, Sibu recently has suggested for a standardisation of the birthday on 29th day of 3rd month of the lunar year.

The Eng Ang Teng Committee has made various plans & dialogs with other similar temples in Sarawak, to proclaim the 29th day of 3rd month to be the birthday of Lord Tua Pek Kong. Suggestion also has been made by the committee to the State Tourism Board to declare the day as a official event of Sarawak.

The devotees and other cultural supporters in Sarawak will soon celebrate the birthday of Lord Tua Pek Kong, all on the same day, 29th day of 3rd month of the lunar calendar; the earliest one will be the coming 4th of May 2008.

Happy birthday to you my Lord!

Some of the Tua Pek Kong Temples in Sarawak.

Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong, Sibu

Hock Teck Su, Kuching.

Tua Pek Kong, Buntal

Tua Pek Kong, Marudi

Hock Teck Tsyr, Tondong, Bau

Tua Pek Kong, Engkilili

Tua Pek Kong, Miri

Hock Teck Tsyr, Limbang

Hock Teck Temple, 10th Mile

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