Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lian Hua San - San Ching Pantheon, Miri

Extracts from Commemorative Plaque of Lian Hua San San Chin Pantheon, Miri...

"Historical brief of ‘Miri Lian Hua San San Ching Taoism Association’

Tao means literally the ‘path’ and is a universal principle that underlies everything from the creation of galaxies to the interaction of human being. Taoism is a philosophy and San Ching is the phenomenal belief of Taoism.

‘Miri Lian Hua San San Ching Tian’ is originated from ‘Miri San Ching Yuk Fang Tian’ that was formed since 1972. After the unfortunate demise of our first Chairman of the Association – Mr Chiew Choon Lim in the late 1998, a new committee was formed in 1999 under the guidance of Mr Hii Siew Ong to complete the visionary Pantheon of ‘San Ching’.

The Pantheon of ‘Miri San Ching’ is located on a land sized 1.475 acres, with a total built-up area of approximately 2000 sq meters. The development plan was designed and constructed in accordance to approved plan by Miri Municipal Council and Land & Survey Department, as well as the Fire Department of BOMBA Malaysia.

At a total development cost of approximately RM10 Millions, it has taken about three (3) years to complete this Pantheon which has now been acknowledged as the biggest Taoist Temple in South East Asia. This phenomenal temple with ancient architectural design blended with all cultural backdrops and landscaping proves itself an outstanding features with righteousness. It also forms as another tourism icon of Miri Division.

The successful development of this Pantheon is the result of the hard work and commitment of all committee and members of the ‘San Ching Association’, generous support from the Malaysia Government and the public despite the fact that it was implemented during the world economic recession period. With this, we would like to express our highest gratitude and thankfulness to all that has supported us to achieve our vision.

Noted herein also, we must offer our respect and tribute to the effort and contribution of all past Committee and Members with the late Chairman Mr Chiew Choon Lim in the forefront, towards the success and achievement of this superlative home of Miri San Ching Tian (Pantheon).


The Committee and Members
Miri Lian Hua San San Ching Taoism Association
Date 28 March 2002"

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