Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catholic Memorial & Pilgrimage Centre, Singai

“ Over a hundred years ago, a small Catholic Chapel was built among the Bidayuh on the slope of Mt. Singai, Bau, Sarawak in 1885. Today this majestic ancestral home of the Bidayuh of Singai is no longer inhabited following the migration of the people to the surrounding lowlands.

The site of the first chapel at Mt. Singai however has been turned into a Memorial and Pilgrimage Centre with the building, completion and blessing of the Centre in November 1999.

The Centre has attracted a lot of Catholics and other Christian Pilgrims and has become very popular with the local Catholics and other Christian denominations and those from other places, so much so that the existing living quarters, especially the washrooms and toilet facilities could no longer cope with the increase in the number of visitors there.”

Above extracts was from a memo (dated 30 July 2007) posted at the CMPC at Mt. Singai, Bau, Sarawak.

Mt. Singai, situated between Bau & Batu Kawa, about 550m high, is located about 40 minutes from Kuching. This is where the Catholic Memorial & Pilgrimage Centre to be found.

The CMPC is located just halfway of the plateau. Access to the holy place is by foot only, from the mountain foot. 30 – 40 minutes is all it takes for a normal healthy person to reach the holy centre.

Today the ancestral home of the Bidayuh, other than devoted Catholics and other Christian denominations, has become a popular weekend destination from the urban dwellers nearby especially Kuching, and also a tourist attraction.

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Phila said...

Interesting to know.

lydia said...

i love to pay a visit again but i dun remember the direction to this place...i want to go there on this saturday...

black charcoal said...

Road junction about 8km from the Batu Kawa bridge, towards new Bau/Lundu road), junction to climbing site about 5km; you may visit wikimapia.org,search 'singai' then you have the location.