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Rajah Charles Brooke & the Temple

From Chu Sze Kung 2, Tabuan Laru

Chu Sze Kung was first found near the current Kuching General Hospital by the local Teoh Chew pioneers around the end of 19th Century; there was a small Teoh Chew community in the area around that time. There is no records on the details.

The Rajah was associated with Lord Chu Sze according to a legend.

At one time, in the 19th Century, Rajah Charles Brooke was galloping on a horse back along Green Road, near the current General Hospital; suddenly, he felt sick & fell blank to the ground.

As he was unconscious, there appeared an old man before him & fed him some medicine. When he woke up, he saw the old man disappeared before a small temple not far from him.

As he entered the temple, he was shocked that the host deity looked alike the old man who saved him in the dream. It seemed that the God of the temple had saved him.

As he returned to the Astana (the palace), he quickly granted the piece of land to the temple officially, with a land title. Thereafter, the story spread and more devotees came to the temple.

The current new temple in this new location was officially opened in 30 April 2009. The relocation was planned & initiated in 2007; construction was completed in Feb 2009.

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