Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tann Hua Foo, Sibu

From Tann Hua Foo, Sibu

Tann Hua Foo Sibu is situated in the town center of Sibu, among the various churches of this Christian town. The monastery is said to be initiated long before the Eng Ang Teng (Tua Pek Kong Sibu).

The current new monastery was named Guan Yin Chamber temporary during the construction, as the old temple was still operating, since there could not be two 'Tann Hua Foo' in one place. The name, 'Guan Yin Chamber', remains after that.

From Tann Hua Foo, Sibu

There are few similar places of Tann Hua Foo in the outskirts of Sibu, such as Tann Hua Foo Sarikei; many of those were said to be (branch off) from here, Sibu.

Tann Hua Foo or similar places of worship are found only in Central Sarawak where most of the Hockchew live, as the host deity is originated from China Hockchew (Fuzhou) province.

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