Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tua Pek Kong - A Study By Ngu See-Hing

Extracts from 成大宗教與文化學報 第十三期, 2009 年12 月 頁97-138...

Investigation into the Belief of Fu De Zheng Shen ( Earth God ) in Malaysia — Especially on Da Bo Gong temple ( Earth God Temple ) in Sarawak


As the largest state of Malaysia, Sarawak located at the northern part of Borneo Island.

The belief of Fu De Zheng Shen 福德正神 ( Earth God 土地 神 ) plays an extremely important role among Chinese society of the state mentioned. As the statistics shown, there is over 70 temples mainly consecrate Fu De Zheng Shen and still some uncountable temples proceed with the this Chinese belief.

The Belief and the temples not only able to trace back a hundred years long lasting histories, but also suffuse all over the country.

This essay is going to discuss about the built up of the Da Bo Gong temple 大伯公 廟, which included the relationship of ship based migration, the origin and argument of the deity, combination of TANG 唐 ( Chinese ) and FAN 番 ( Non-Chinese ) Earth God belief, and the special date of the Da Bo Gong festival and ceremony, to understand the circumstances Da Bo Gong belief in Sarawak Chinese cultural and also find out the disparity among different society point of view on the belief.

The Study (in Chinese)...

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