Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tua Pek Kong, Marudi

Marudi Tua Pek Kong is located within the business center of Marudi Town, in Miri division of Sarawak.

Marudi used to be a stepping stone to the well known tourist destination, the Mulu Cave. Pioneer tourists would travel from Miri to Marudi first, and then from the river, tourist would have to use long boats cutting through few adventurous rapids upstream before reaching Mulu. With the completion of a small airport at Mulu, most tourists prefer to take the twin otters direct from Miri airport.

Marudi is currently comparatively quite since the last century timber boom. The Tua Pek Kong temple here is the only temple of Taoist or Chinese culture origin. The temple has gone through 3 major fire disasters in the history of Marudi, and it has survived unharmed, surprisingly to many devotees. The temple was found around the time when permanent settlement was started in Marudi, more than a century history.

Like many of the Tua Pek Kong in Sarawak, it had gone through few restorations and renovations; with fewer of this historical places remained in the state, the Tua Pek Kong will move on for years to come, with her growing dedicated devotees in the area.

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